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4 years of Germany: the attitude of gratitude

What does that term mean? To be grateful? Well, at least you might have heard of it. Or you keep seeing it everywhere. It became even cliche sometimes.

Being grateful, in essence, means a thankful appreciation for what an individual receives, whether tangible or intangible. With gratitude people acknowledge the goodness in their lives.

As the book, The Magic from Rhonda Byrne says: "Gratitude is giving thanks, and without it, you cut yourself off the magic and from receiving everything you want in life".

When we are not grateful, it means we are taking things for granted.

Let us travel a few years back. That is when I had just graduated from University in 2016. Seen as a dreamer, I knew I was made to go and explore the world, it was my passion. I had no idea what and how I would do to get there though.

Synchronicities were already part of my life by that time, and within 2 months, I had found an internship in Germany. All I could dream of: travel Europe, work in an international company, and get paid for it.

One year of internship passed through fast, I was about to decide if I would go back to São Paulo after the contract would end, and the decision of my life came to me in a phone call one day before breaking my leg: they had chosen me for this full-time position I had applied for. It was certain, I was going to stay in Germany.

On the next day, I suffered a bike accident and broke my femur. The universe stopped me. I couldn't move, literally. From one day to another, I lost my freedom, and suddenly my world crashed.

I was taking the fact of being able to walk, my femur, for granted. I had lived a beautiful year in Germany, had plenty of fun, discovered the world. But somehow I was disconnected. I was not aligned with myself, and neither with all the blessing I had into my life so far.

When I was in the hospital, or even during the following months of recovery, I couldn't understand why, and how. My positivity and energy were drawn by fear, pain, physical and mental dependency.

The Law of attraction says like attracts like. You are what you say and the people who you surround yourself with.

What did I do when I found myself in the complete darkness? I came back to faith, to meditation, to positive affirmations. I opened myself to believe it would get better. The great thing is: things get better at some point if you believe so.

That is what happened, everything got, eventually, better.

After a long process (and mentally hard as well), I recovered from my femur fracture and a lot happened!

From enjoying the freedom and stability of a full-time life and going through challenges in corporate work, to meeting the love of my life and moving in together, I was slowly reconnecting with my higher potential, with my best version - the highest potential that exists within every human being.

Then came spirituality to stay in by my side forever with forms of books and plenty of courses. Last but not least, yoga got into my life as the matching piece to connect everything and allow me to bring the teachings to others.

The attitude of gratitude is a muscle I have developed during the past 4 years. And the more I feel it, the more I receive it back.

If I look back to these 4 years, all I have by my side is the attitude of Gratitude. If you are where you are today, this will lead you to where you want to be. All you have to do is believe in it. And work every day towards your dream self.

If I am living my dream self and life today? Not at all. I dream big :) But I do enjoy life's ride and where I am at today. Life is too short to be shaped into future projects and lived for the future.

Long story short? Where I am today reflects on all the transformations I have gone through over the past 4 years. The young Ana with a huge bag that arrived in Germany carried a lot of mental and physical baggage as well, which have transformed and shaped the Ana of 2021.

Cycles have come to an end and others have started. That is how life is.

All I can feel today is a sense of immense gratitude for life on its own. For my family, my partner, my friends, my students, my yogi friends, my job, everyone and everything that has somehow taken part of this learning evolution curve that life is, once you allow yourself to experience it.

OBRIGADA VIDA! Você é muito maravilhosa :)

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Lindo seu depoimento Aninha! Desejo que todos os seus sonhos se realizem! Beijo carinhoso, Lia

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