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Hey you!
welcome to your self - care guide into a human busy life!

Welcome to the
bemindflow mentorship

Where you learn how to access the best version of yourself everyday!

bemindflow mentorship

a few words about

"Doing the mentorship with Ana was perfect for me! I did it during lockdown time here in Australia, and the mentorship calls were essentials for me to get through those days calmer.


It really helped me slow down my anxiety, and it gave me to much more knowledge about yoga philosophy and its teachings not only in physical practice but also in daily life, like implementing meditation and living yoga as a lifestyle."

Anna Caroline Mesquita

Do you often...

  • have no time for yourself as you either work too much or have always a lot going on?


  • feel overwhelmed about your emotions, or how you react to them with your family and friends?


  • wish you could better control your feelings in order to live life more easily?


  • feel attracted to yoga, and enjoy practicing... hard thing is to find time and consistency!

2020_Portrait_Ana Vidigal_1174.jpg

What if?


  • You could meet yourself every day and know what to do at every situation of your life?


  • You could manage to actually have time to do other things than work?


  • You could kick off personal projects and observe progress in a short period of time?

The journey is beautiful and you deserve it all!

  • Bemindflow mentorship is the space where you learn to love spending time by yourself and actually getting powerful insights about your emotions, your body and your relationships.


  • It is your self-care space, where you will learn that there is no need to seek guidance outside of you.


  • The answer is inside of you, all you need is some practice, and to choose yourself.


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Let the best version of yourself show up and shine everyday.


But how is this possible?


  • You first need to make a big choice...,and the choice to get where you dream to be, requires a minimum effort.


  • Yes, that is right, don't you make time for having dinner with friends, or going to the gym?


  • Bemindflow Mentorship is yoiur guide to make time for yourself every single day.


  • But don't worry, you have 10 - 15 minutes... I am sure you do :). You have to take this very seriously and make it every single day.

What will you learn?



  • You will learn to build awareness of your emotions, and choose what you can do to cope best with the emotions (positive and negative).


  • You will also learn how to work with rituals, affirmations and merge that with the moon cycle, the seasons, and your own life goals.


  • Mostly, Bemindflow mentorship will be your guide to bring yoga to your life consistently, every day, by dedicating 10 to 15 min for yourself.


  • You will learn that yoga goes beyond the Savasa bliss or the crazy movements of the body.

2020_Portrait_Ana Vidigal_164.jpg

Did you feel called?


If this sounds like all you want and need, I will be more than honoured to be your guide! 

Book a free discovery call, so I can explain you better about the mentorship and find out how I can help you best!

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