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Who is Ana?

I am Ana Vidigal, Brazilian born living in Bonn, Germany, where I host my virtual yoga classes & work in the corporate world in the Communication & Marketing field.


I am a RYT® 500 (RYT = Registered Yoga Teacher (certified and registered by Yoga Alliance)

I believe Yoga is a science of living, and the matching piece of the enlightening journey I had been seeking for a long time. I also believe that this is not - and can not be - a lonely journey, thus Bemindflow was created as a way to connect our paths and journeys.

Together we will explore Yoga as a way to reach what I call a state of being in flow with our mind, body & soul. 


I will be your guide on this amazing journey, but you will be the one who makes the choices and takes the lead.

Are you ready to bemindflow? I think you are!

What's bemindflow?

As the youngest of a big family all spread around the world, I had the privilege to go places, to meet people from all across the nations, learn from the differences and absorb as much as I could from their cultures early on. “Someday I will make some big difference on the planet”, I dreamed, not really sure where to start or how to make this happen.

In the eyes of many, I was thriving. I managed to get a job in Germany, had enough money to pay for my little apartment’s rent in a cute neighborhood while still traveling a lot. For some time I also believed that I was on the right path, but there was something down telling me that I was not living my dream life.

The realization came to me in a form of an accident, I flew from my bike (not on the cool way) and fractured my femur, which resulted in a 5 hours surgery and the temporary loss of my freedom. 

Recovery was slow and the inability to walk and pursue the things I loved almost led to depression. Through entering darkness I was able to step into light from a different perspective, this was the beginning of a spiritual journey and the seed to start bemindflow.

Rejecting depression and accepting self-discovery came in form of several spiritual courses and meditation. Slowly, I was able to move physically and do some yoga. In the middle of this path, I met my partner, who was also a big part of my own evolution. 

Once going to India, which has always been my dream, I understood that enlightening wouldn't come from the outer world, no matter how many courses I would do, I needed time for processing and living the content of all courses.

With the crazy year of 2020, as the world was obligated to stop, so did I. Weekends became time for personal development projects instead of meeting with friends.

And that is when bemindflow got a name, a cause, and a community. Even apart, we are together on this. 

Bemindflow came to life as a personal project of guiding people to reach their full potential through the guidance of living and experiencing Yoga not simply physically but as a lifestyle, as a science of living. It is living in a state of flow, where synchronicities make life seem easy.

 Let’s bemindflow?

How can I bemindflow?

All you need is self - discipline and eagerness to evolve. I bring this flow state to your life throughout the teachings of Yoga. The base is Yoga, and how can we best live it? By practicing it.  

Bemindflow is a place to practice Yoga weekly, from the comfort of your home, as we face a virtual moment in the world right now. 

Bemindflow Yoga is not as you would watching a youtube movie, I aim to teach you the yoga philosophy, and also have some fun exploring fancy postures :)

All I bring is from a place of genuine love and connection, so do not expect dropping to a class without expecting any interaction from my side, it is a virtual class, so video is on and we have verbal adjustments as well.

I am here to be your guru on this bemindflow journey. I hope to meet you on the mat  ~

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