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welcome to my story

I am honoured you are here!

connecting with my mind, body & soul

Hello beautiful! Welcome to my story.

My name is Ana. I have always been a dreamer. Deep inside, I yearned to find purpose and make a positive change in the world. I also simply wanted to be happy and free.






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 My spiritual awakening began in 2017...


As the youngest member of a large family dispersed across the globe, I was fortunate to travel extensively, meet people from diverse nations, and absorb the richness of their cultures from an early age. “Someday I will make some big difference on the planet”, I dreamed, not really sure where to start or how to make this happen. 

In the eyes of many, I was thriving. I managed to get a job in Germany, had enough money to pay for my little apartment’s rent in a charming neighbourhood while still continued to explore the world. For a while, I convinced myself that I was on the right path. However, deep within, I sensed that I was not truly living my dream life.

 May all beings be happy and free


We are all here in this world to live freely, to love and to feel fully. We are all here to connect deep within and find peace and happiness in every single moment of our lives.

This is what I discovered through living Yoga. Not just practicing, not just learning, not just studying, living it. Yoga is way much more than being able to bring your feet behind your head or practicing every day for 90 minutes.

The true essence of yoga reveals itself when life presents challenges that shake us to the core. It is during these moments that we must make conscious choices to maintain our sanity and inner stability.


The true practice happens when life shakes things up and you have to make the best choices to stay sane and grounded.


Reconnecting with my body, mind and soul


Yoga has brought me the missing pieces of a self discovery puzzle, it taught me the skills, the tools, the awareness and consciousness to achieve flow - that state of living life seamlessly, freely and lovingly.  For so long I have searched. The true thing is: life is a forever journey of self development, discovery and healing.

For a long time, I searched. I was constantly seeking external means to find happiness. I believed that by acquiring more knowledge or skills, I would finally reach contentment.


I wasn't capable of trusting myself.  Something crucial was missing — -confidence, self-love, self-compassion, and an inner connection.

When you aren't capable of figuring out yourself, the Universe often presents us significant challenges. These trials test us in every possible way, urging us to confront our deepest aspects.

The breaking point


The realisation came to me in a form of an accident, I flew from my bike (not on the cool way) and fractured my femur. This led to a lengthy five-hour surgery and a temporary loss of my freedom.

Can you imagine experiencing such a situation in a foreign country, far away from your entire family?

The recovery process was slow, and the inability to walk and engage in activities I loved almost pushed me into depression. However, it was through this descent into darkness that I found a new perspective and began my spiritual journey. It was during this time that the seed of bemindflow was planted.



From Darkness to Flow

I made a conscious decision to refuse depression and embrace the path of self-discovery through engaging in spiritual courses and practicing meditation. As time passed, I regained my physical mobility and integrated yoga into my healing process. Along this transformative journey, I began to witness synchronicities manifesting in my life, indicating that I was in the flow.

During this time, I also had the fortune of crossing paths with my husband, whose presence played a profound role in my personal growth and evolution. Together, we embarked on a shared journey of self-discovery, supporting each other's aspirations and fostering mutual growth.



Unleashing the Power Within: embracing consistency and commitment


Journeying to India, a lifelong dream of mine, I came to a profound realization. I discovered that true enlightenment does not originate from the external world, regardless of the number of courses I attended. I needed time to process and embody the teachings in my day-to-day life.

A pivotal moment occurred when I enrolled in my first Yoga teacher training. Our instructor assigned us the task of daily meditation and yoga practice. I don't know you, but when I am guided or given a challenge, I give it all for it.

It was during this transformative experience that I recognized the peace, happiness, and balance I had long sought after already existed within me. I had simply been unable to access them effectively. Fear of inadequacy, a scarcity of love, and the fear of failure had compelled me to seek external validation. This is why having guidance had always been crucial to me.

Embracing Yoga as a lifestyle for personal transformation



In search of a grounded and reliable practice, I realized that true guidance needed to come from within myself, rather than solely relying on my teachers. While they served as a source of inspiration, the real change occurred when I fully committed to the journey.

In the midst of the tumultuous year of 2020, as the world came to a halt, I took the opportunity to redirect my focus. Weekends became devoted to personal development projects rather than socializing with friends. It was during this period that the concept of bemindflow took shape—a name, a purpose, and a community. Even though physically apart, we stood together in our shared mission.

Bemindflow emerged with a clear mission: to guide individuals in realizing their full potential through embracing Yoga as not just a physical practice, but as a way of life—a science of living. It is about living in a state of flow, where synchronicities effortlessly weave through our existence, making life seem effortlessly harmonious.

2020_Portrait_Ana Vidigal_859.JPG

Awakening the inner light


Through the profound experience of reclaiming my freedom to walk after a life-altering bike accident, I not only regained physical mobility but also rediscovered my deepest power and connection to divinity. In this transformative journey, I have found my purpose in this lifetime.

The invaluable lessons I have learned serve as guiding principles that I am honored to share with you on your own path.


As your teacher, I will be your guiding light, assisting you in reconnecting with your own truth, body, mind, heart, and soul. Together, we will empower YOU to manifest the life of YOUR dreams, unlocking the flow of life and radiating your unique light to uplift others on their journey.

More about me:

~ what to expect in my classes?

  • Breathwork and meditation

  • Introspective questions for self-reflection

  • Affirmations and inspirational texts

  • Encouragement to use props for support

  • Guidance to trust your body, to connect with the senses of feeling and being

~ what are my qualifications and certificates?

  • Bachelor in Business Administration with focus on Marketing and Majors in International relationships

  • 500 Hour Vinyasa & Pranayana Teacher Training with The Vinyasa People in Bonn

  • 200 Hour Bridge Teacher Training Program with Uplifted Yoga

  • 50 Hour Sequencing Mentorship with Rachel Scott

  • Yin Level 1 & 2

  • Reiki Master

  • Deeksha Giver

YTT 500 Badges Color.png

~ what are my hobbies?

  • ​Travelling (I have lived in 4 different countries and speak 5 languages - love trying out new food and getting to know new cultures!)

  • CrossFit (yes, I have started practicing with my husband and got super into it - it brings my Yang part on fire!)

  • Running (did 3 times a half marathon)

  • Road Biking to connect with the nature

  • Tarot & spiritual oracle cards (expect them on class too!)

  • Reading books (mostly about spirituality, mindset and yoga)

~ fun & interesting facts about me?

  • I am Brazilian living in Germany since 2017.

  • My siblings live across the Globe: my oldest sister lives in Australia, my other sister in the USA, my brother in Brazil and myself in Germany representing Europe.

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