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About my own self - discovery journey

My spiritual journey started with Deeksha, which from Sanskrit means ‘initiation’ or the direct transfer of spiritual energy through a touch, a word, or a look. It is healing energy given that works by awakening Kundalini, latent spiritual energy located at the base of the spine. ​

This creates a gradual shift in consciousness, freeing us from the suffering created by the mind, balancing the body’s natural healing energies, and attuning the brain to higher levels of awareness.

I started receiving this healing energy when I was going under serious fear issues, back when I was 10 years old.

After a few years, I did a Transcendental meditation course, when I officially started to meditate daily. Starting to meditate not only helped me get back to sleep after I suffered from serious problems of insomnia and panic attacks but also showed me gradually a "new me".


In 2012, I became a Deeksha giver. Feel years passed, Deeksha and meditation were always my home, the places I would come back to when my world would crash. And that was the problem, I would refer to it mostly only when my world would crash. And it did, seriously.

After suffering a serious bicycle accident at the end of 2017 in Germany, I broke my femur and lost all my freedom, almost went into depression, and through entering darkness I was able to step into light from a different perspective.

You obviously value many more things when you get to lose them. That was a change marker into my spiritual journey, and I am absolutely grateful for it.

Slowly I was able to move my body again and then came Yoga. Yoga came first as a physical manner to regain all the muscles and flexibility I had lost, but it was together with meditation and I fell in love with it.

Once I completed my first Yoga Teacher Training in 2020 and became Reiki giver, I confirmed how much living Yoga changes how you see your reality. It enables you to reach what I call a flow state, a state where you don't need to push too hard to achieve what you want, instead, things simply happen, because you place yourself, your mind, body & soul in the same side of the Universe, and that is a state of being in flow. ​

Conclusion of the entire story? Self - discovery is a lifetime journey. Whenever you start

it, you realize how much you have to learn. It is a never ending story, but the good part of it? It is a beautiful journey that makes life worth every second.

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