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Everyone lives a busy life nowadays. The Pandemic world brought a "new normal" into place, that demands extra effort in order to cope with all uncertainties and new ways of living.


Pandemic life came to teach us we should, more than never, to stop and take a break for ourselves.

Self-care is key to keep ourselves up physically, mentally, and socially. 

So, why not let us take care of your fitness and spiritual needs by practicing Yoga?

Bemindflow Yoga offers classes that combine meditation, breathing, and posture practice. It will be your slot to shut down all the business outside and focus on what really matters your inner world.

​What are you waiting for? What we have is today, and you should make the best of it by taking care of yourself first in order to be your best version of the outer world.


Welcome to Bemindflow ~

Classes Available

Yoga is the answer to the problems you have been having. 

In bemindflow yoga you will find a mixture of different styles of yoga, that will vary from focusing on breath awareness to combining mouvement of breath.

I would highly recommend you try the different styles out, and see which one gives you the best feeling afterwards :)


Vinyasa flow

 In a 75 min format, Vinyasa flow is the style of yoga which stands for sequence of postures (asanas) that are linked to each other through movement and breath. The class consists of pranayama (breath work) practices & movement, in order to free the mind of its fluctuations. 

The student can expect working with easier or challenging postures, depending on the class, that will show a metaphor of life's challenges.

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