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Bemindflow Experience: find your super powers to clear the spirit & mind

This workshop is an opportunity for you to connect within yourself, look inwards be the best version of ourselves, to keep ourselves grounded and still evolve during the crazy times we are living.

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Bemindflow Experience: find your super powers to clear the spirit & mind
Bemindflow Experience: find your super powers to clear the spirit & mind

Time & Location

Time is TBD


About the event

Since the beginning of 2020, the entire world is put into place to rethink everything.

Who would ever think what is happening in the world now is possible? A few months ago, it would sound crazy. Crazy or not, we are now challenged more than ever.

To stop. To breath. To acknowledge. To accept. To be grateful. To start new habits and let go of the old bad ones. To learn new things. To connect with our beloved ones virtually, mentally, and spiritually.

But most importantly, connect within ourselves, look inwards to be able to keep it up, and be the best version of ourselves.

Trying to put it into words, I have created the first Bemindflow Experience called:

''Bemindflow: find your superpowers to clear the spirit & mind''

The goal of the session is to bring a completely different perspective to the way you picture your life.

Workshop format:

It is a 180min workshop that consists of knowledge sharing about life, and how to live life with ease. It is a place to connect and discover the hacks to see life from a different perspective & put it into practice.

What concepts will I learn during the workshop?

You will learn about the state of fear (suffering state) and love (beautiful state), acceptance, gratitude & presence.

It will all make sense not only on paper but practically appliable to your life :)

What do I need in order to attend the workshop?

Mind open, comfortable sit & a journal to write on!

How can I attend?

I am gathering the waiting list for the next workshop and will soon communicate with you when is the next one

I am looking forward to meeting you virtually :)

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Meet your hosts


Ana (host for all events of this website)

Brazilian-born, Ana has studied and practiced yoga with various teachers. She has also practiced meditation and energy healing since she was a little one.

It was only after a bike accident that resulted in a broken femur and a 5-hour emergency surgery that Ana, who was almost experiencing depression, discovered her way back to walking and recovered from both her physical and emotional trauma. She accomplished this by accessing the power of meditation, self-healing, and yoga. Yoga brought the missing pieces of the self - discovery path in her life.

For Ana, the practice of yoga on the mat is a sacred space where she finds connection. This connection within leads to a state called flow, where life happens effortlessly, synchronicity exists, and love serves as the guide.

As your teacher, Ana strives to guide you in reconnecting with your own truth, body, mind, heart, and soul. Her aim is to empower you to manifest the life of your dreams, finding uniqueness and sacredness every single day to find the flow of life, and share your light with others.

Dai (co- host of summer solstice celebration on June 22nd)

Brazilian-born, Dai has been practicing yoga since 2011 and has been studying topics around emotional intelligence and energy healing since then. But only after manifesting a tumor on her kidney, a condition that forced her to live in discomfort and face the unknown, she embodied the learnings.


This transformative experience catalysed profound personal growth, allowing her to tap in her own power, connect with her body, nurture self-love, become her best friend, and fulfil her emotional needs.


One of the most empowering aspects of Dai's journey​ was having an incredible support system. Her intention is to hold a sacred and safe space for people to share their experiences and emotions, feel love and support , and grow together as human beings. A space for everyone, regardless of what they may be going through.


Dai completed a yoga teacher training (YTT 200hr) in July 2022 and emotional reprogramming training (80hr) in 2023.​

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